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Lawn care tips

Chris Heffer

Chris Heffer
Chris works for Hayter and manages all their digital marketing. A small lawn owner and relative newbie but becoming increasingly obsessed with #HayterStripes and posting pictures of them online!
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Recent Posts

How to Stripe a Lawn

Posted by Chris Heffer on 24-Mar-2017 14:44:23

How to stripe a lawn is something we are often asked. A perfectly striped lawn  is a thing of beauty, admired by garden lovers everywhere.  No matter how large or small your garden, Hayter recommends 3 easy steps to get you on your way:

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What to do before you mow for the first time of the season

Posted by Chris Heffer on 13-Feb-2017 16:56:45

At last. Winter is over, and spring is threatening to burst from its constricting jacket of grey and gloom. As your landscape begins to wake from its slumber, your thoughts drift over to the shed and your old friend and partner in lawn care, the mower.

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What you need to know about cheap lawn mowers BEFORE buying one

Posted by Chris Heffer on 17-Jan-2017 11:14:00

Everyone loves a good deal and cheap lawn mowers are something a lot of people are looking for. For most people buying the cheapest version of a product is often what you do when you do not understand why someone might spend more or appreciate the additional value you might get by spending a little bit more. Cheapest it often not the best option.

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