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Lawn care tips

Dave Worner

Dave aka "The Lawn Guy" is a lawn care expert with 20 years lawn care experience with 18 years experience as a greenkeeper at Hindhead Golf club. He provides professional lawn care services in Haslemere and the surrounding area.
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Lawn problems & solutions

Posted by Dave Worner on 01-Dec-2017 19:00:00

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Why do I have mushrooms and how do I get rid of them?

Generally, when you have mushrooms on the lawn it is due to wood underneath the soil. This could be from the remains of an old tree or roots from a one that is growing from under the hedge/ lawn. The way to get rid of them is to clear the wood underneath by digging down, removing the root and all the soil around it, then replacing it with fresh stuff. Still not guaranteed to get rid of it, but it's certainly...

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Lawn mowing tips

Posted by Dave Worner on 17-Nov-2017 16:00:00

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How long can I cut my grass

This will depend on a couple of things such as how long is the grass at the moment. The rule of thumb when cutting grass is to take no more than one-third off at one time. So if you've got long, unruly grass, and you want to get it down to a short-kept length, then you need to work in stages. Maybe cutting it once a week and dropping it down a third each time. You want to avoid cutting too close, and too short, so that it scalps the...

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How to stripe two lawns in one garden

Posted by Dave Worner on 24-Apr-2017 13:12:47

Striping a lawn is one thing but striping a bigger area of lawn has its own challenges. In this video I show you how to stripe a large lawn with two seperate areas where the garden has a drive running through the center.

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How do I prepare a lawn mower for winter

Posted by Dave Worner on 30-Jan-2017 10:27:47


As the nights draw in on winter’s approach, and grass growth begins slowing down, you may be wondering what jobs are left in the garden.

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