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MowDirect is an authorised Hayter dealer. They have been selling lawn mowers online since 1999.
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Do I Need A Lawn Aerator?

Posted by MowDirect on 27-Feb-2017 12:20:38

Lurking beneath the surface of what might at first glance appear to be a perfectly normal lawn are hidden problems, just waiting to emerge and spoil your day. A lawn aerator might be what you need to remedy the issue. 

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What to do before you mow for the first time of the season

Posted by MowDirect on 13-Feb-2017 16:56:45

At last. Winter is over, and spring is threatening to burst from its constricting jacket of grey and gloom. As your landscape begins to wake from its slumber, your thoughts drift over to the shed and your old friend and partner in lawn care, the mower.

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