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Lawn care tips

Maintaining Your Mower This Season

Posted by Ashleigh Bradshaw on 31-Mar-2020 14:57:52

With the new season officially starting and everyone spending a lot more time that usual in your garden, you will want to look after your mower to ensure that you don't suffer any unnecessary faults which can occur due to not taking care of your lawnmower. Just like a car, if you look after it, it will run for years to come. 

Here are a couple of helpful tips to look after your mower this year.

  1. Wash your mower after every use. With the help of the Easy Wash port you can easily connect your hose and clean the underside of your Harrier 41, Harrier 48, Harrier 56 or Osprey 46
  2. Clean out your grass bag. We recommend cleaning out the grass bag one or twice a year depending on the mowing conditions and environment. A good guide as to when to clean out your grass bag is when you can no longer see light through the fabric. Clean using water and a stiff brush before leaving it to air dry. 
  3. Clean out any dried grass clipping. If you haven't got an Easy Wash port on your mower then clean the underside of the mower deck using a stiff brush. Before turning the mower onto it's side, remove the spark plug and turn exhaust side down. 

Once you get to the end of the season, before storing your petrol mower for the winter months, we recommend that you change your engine oil and using our Hayter Engine Oil and Hayter Fuel Additive for great results. For any batteries, store them in a dry location.

To add an extra layer of protection against added moisture during any cold periods, a Hayter Lawnmower Covers is the perfect solution. 

Remember to book your annual service with your local Hayter Authorised Dealer and ensure your warranty remains valid. 

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