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    Chris Heffer

    Chris works for Hayter and manages all their digital marketing. A small lawn owner and relative newbie but becoming increasingly obsessed with #HayterStripes and posting pictures of them online!
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    New Hayter Osprey 46cm reviewed by RHS award winning gardener

    Posted by Chris Heffer on 03-Nov-2017 16:00:00

    Hayter sent a brand new Osprey to be tested by the RHS award winning gardener Lee Burkhill aka "Garden Ninja" to get his expert opinion.

    Launched in 2017 the Hayter Osprey 46cm four wheel mower is a 3 in 1 lawn mower which means it can collect the clippings in a bag, it can mulch the clippings or simply discharge the clippings from the rear of the mower.

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    5th Gear's Jonny Smith reviews Hayter Harrier

    Posted by Chris Heffer on 12-May-2017 08:54:18

    Jonny Smith had a problem, his lawn mower had broke.

    Hayter customer and twitter user Simon, recommend a Hayter lawn mower which got us thinking. He likes reviewing things with wheels and engines so we thought we would send him a Hayter Harrier to review.

    This is the result!

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    Leading UK Lawn care video blogger reviews Harrier 41 Pro

    Posted by Chris Heffer on 02-May-2017 13:00:00


    Curtis Jones runs one of the UK leading lawn care Youtube channels " Uk Lawn Care". He has just shared his review of the new Harrier 41. In this video Curtis is evaluating the Professional version of the new Harrier which is designed for commercial use. The all new Harrier 41 is available in 3 consumer versions as well as this professional model (the professional versions are painted silver whereas the consumer versions are painted green).


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    Alan Titchmarsh using a Hayter Harrier

    Posted by Chris Heffer on 29-Mar-2017 12:23:39


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