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    Leading UK Lawn care video blogger reviews Harrier 41 Pro


    Curtis Jones runs one of the UK leading lawn care Youtube channels "Uk Lawn Care". He has just shared his review of the new Harrier 41. In this video Curtis is evaluating the Professional version of the new Harrier which is designed for commercial use. The all new Harrier 41 is available in 3 consumer versions as well as this professional model (the professional versions are painted silver whereas the consumer versions are painted green).


    Curtis runs a successful local lawn care business in the Chiltern Hills area in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire but has a global following of fellow lawn care contractors and lawn care enthusiasts.  Curtis' YouTube channel is one of most popular Lawn care channels in the UK.


    Check out the new Harrier



    Watch the video




    Instagram pictures


    Busy day in the garden today. #hayter #lawns #mowing #lawnstripes #hayterstripes

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    Lovely Friday afternoon. #lawns #mowing #lawnstripes #fridayfeeling #hayter

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    Love doing little lawns. #lawns #hayterstripes #gardening #Hayter

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    Find out more about Curtis / Uk Lawn Care







    Since the initial article we published. Curtis has shared a few more videos about his use of his new Harrier 41 Pro.


    Harrier 41 mowing in the wet

    This is the first time Curtis has had a chance to cut grass in the wet using his new Harrier 41 Pro. He talks about how well the mower collected the grass. Mowing starts at 3.08.



    Mowing another lawn and cleaning using the wash port

    Mowing starts at 2.53 and the cleaning using the washport starts a 10.07



    Chris Heffer

    Written by Chris Heffer

    Chris works for Hayter and manages all their digital marketing. A small lawn owner and relative newbie but becoming increasingly obsessed with #HayterStripes and posting pictures of them online!

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