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Lawn care tips

How to Stripe a Lawn

Posted by Chris Heffer on 24-Mar-2017 14:44:23
Chris Heffer

How to stripe a lawn is something we are often asked. A perfectly striped lawn  is a thing of beauty, admired by garden lovers everywhere.  No matter how large or small your garden, Hayter recommends 3 easy steps to get you on your way:

  1. Mow with a rear roller mower
  2. Cut your lawn regularly
  3. Achieve a better quality of cut 

Mow with a rear roller mower

To create stripes, choose a lawn mower with an integrated rear roller.  Mow in parallel lines and the roller will bend the grass blades after they are cut to achieve the striped effect.

For best results, try working at right angles to your previous cut, for example mow North to South one week and East to West the next.

Rear roller mowers also allow you to cut over the edge of the lawn without scalping – great for cutting neatly around flower beds.

For ease of use, look for a mower with a split rear-roller design that counter rotates, so it’s easier to make tighter turns, with no turf marking.


Cut your lawn regularly

To cultivate a healthy lawn, experts recommend cutting little and often – in summer up to twice a week - so, be sure choose a mower that makes this easy and enjoyable to do.

Look for easy to start models:  most petrol mowers start with a recoil cable, but electric start models that start at the push of a button are also available.  

Choosing a self-propelled model means there’s no need to push as you mow – and models with variable speed can be adjusted to a pace that suits you.  


Achieve a better quality of cut 

Cut at the right height to avoid “scalping” your turf and collect all the clippings as you go. Leaving cut grass on your lawn not only looks messy, but can smother the grass underneath, causing yellowing. 

Ask your local Garden Machinery specialist to recommend a mower that cuts and collects well in different conditions. 

Experts recommend you don’t trim more than 1/3 of the grass plant with each cut, so choose a mower where adjusting the height of cut is easy to do. 

Mowers that are easy to keep clean will maintain optimum cutting performance for longer. Look for features such as wash-out ports to make quick work of cleaning after use. 

Finally, finish a beautifully striped lawn with tidy edges. Mowers with a designated Trim Side will allow you to mow right up to fences and walls, so you don’t have to spend time strimming edges once you’ve finished mowing.

So now you’re on your way to a beautiful striped lawn.

Why not share your progress with us – post your pictures on social media using #hayterstripes  


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