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Lawn care tips

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Lawn problems & solutions

Written by Dave Worner on 01-Dec-2017 19:00:00

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Why do I have mushrooms and how do I get rid of them?

Generally, when you have mushrooms on the lawn it is due to wood underneath the soil. This could be from the remains of an old tree or roots from a one that is growing from under the hedge/ lawn.

The way to get rid of them is to clear the wood underneath by digging down, removing the root and all the soil around it, then replacing it with fresh stuff. Still not guaranteed to get rid of it, but it's certainly going to help.

What to do if you spill petrol or oil on my lawn

Firstly try and contain the spill as quickly as you can to stop it from spreading. Using sand will help to absorb it. Once the sand has soaked up the majority of the spill, remove it and pour water on to dilute the left over as much as possible.

After that there's not much more you can do and you may end up with a slight dead area on your lawn. The best thing to do is to aerate the area using a garden fork (for smaller areas). Complete this with overseeding, hopefully the grass will recover.

What to do if my lawn has a disease

If you think your lawn has a disease you will need to act fast by contacting your local lawn care expert. They should be able to identify what the problem is whether it's a disease or just simply drought. They will not only identify the issue, but will have the products needed to cure the problem.

If you try to tackle the problem yourself, you could end up treating the wrong thing and using the the wrong product. This won’t help the problem and may make the problem worse. So remember: speed when bringing in a professional who can identify and solve the issue as quick possible.

What to do if I spill fertiliser on my lawn

Like when dealing with an oil/ fuel spillage, the first thing to do is to contain it. If it's a granular fertilizer, you might end up with a pile which you should be able to scoop up and reuse any of the stuff which hasn't made contact with the ground. The rest that has made contact, just sweep it up and dispose of.

The fertiliser may burn your lawn so as soon as you can put plenty of water on it. This will dilute it quickly. After a couple of days, you may find that the area goes really brown and starts to die away. If this happens you will need to scratch off any dead grass, using a fan rake, then reseed using seeds that match your lawn. For added strength you can add pre-seed fertilizer which is high in phosphate and some topsoil which will help the seeds germinate. Add plenty of water.

How to get rid of dog urine

Ideally, prevention is better than cure. If you put a little fence up to stop the dogs getting onto the lawn it would be best, in reality, that's probably not going to happen.

Monitoring your dog when it's out on the lawn will allow you to see where it and move it on before it urinates. If you don’t get there in time you will have to dilute it as soon as possible.

Get a hose and water it down. Should this be an issue and the area starts to turn brown (you can spot the area as it has dead bit in the middle and really lush green outer circle) use a fan rake to scrape off the dead grass and fork it over and then put some seed in there, maybe a bit of pre-seed fertilizer, and perhaps just a little bit of the soil to help the seed germinate, and then keep watering. It will soon recover.

What to do with your lawn if it snows

First thing you do, make a snowman! Otherwise there's nothing you can do. Just keep off the lawn and enjoy yourself.

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Dave Worner

Written by Dave Worner

Dave aka "The Lawn Guy" is a lawn care expert with 20 years lawn care experience with 18 years experience as a greenkeeper at Hindhead Golf club. He provides professional lawn care services in Haslemere and the surrounding area.

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