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    Caring for your lawn in cooler climates

    Posted by Hayter Press Room on 23 February 2018 15:10:16 GMT

    SPELLBROOK, England (February, 2018) CONSUMER RELEASE - Winter is in full swing and the temperatures are showing no sign of improving any time soon. But that doesn’t mean that your garden should be left neglected. In fact, winter is the optimum time for preparing your turf for the season ahead.

    Experts in the landscaping industry from Hayter have some tips on how to ensure your garden is looking in top condition by the time spring rolls around.

    • Get your mow on – while many may be tempted to leave their lawns alone for the colder months, neglecting it now could actually leave you with more problems later on such as thinner, diseased or less dense grass. If the weather and ground conditions seem reasonable, then there’s no harm in mowing over grass that is long enough, using a high cut setting. However, do be careful not to walk on the grass if there is a frost. Try the Harrier® 41 Autodrive which has variable forward speed to suit the operator and conditions.


    • Inject some colour – winter flowering plants will give a new lease of life to your garden this February. A popular choice is Cyclamen, which vary in colour from red pink and white can be brought to flower between autumn and spring. Winter Jasmine is perfect for archways or climbing over low walls. With its yellow star shaped leaves, this is definitely an eye-catcher.


    • Let it snow – even though we’re well into February, we have already seen some more snow, with the possibility of more to come over the next month. Sometimes it can act as an insulator, protecting plants from the cold. However, if we see a heavy bout of it, this can cause leaves and branches to break. Avoid walking over snow on your lawn as this can encourage the growth of fungal diseases in the grass.


    • Keep it clean – keeping your garden equipment clean is important all year round, as the engine surface needs to be clear of debris, chaff or grass. The Harrier 41 series mowers include an Easy Wash port, helping to remove cuttings from under the deck in seconds. The easy to use grass bag on the mowers can also be lifted through the handle bars for easy emptying.


    • Clear it up – make sure that you keep your lawn clear of debris over the winter months. Leaves, branches and other bits of rubbish must not be left on the lawn for long periods of time as they can cause the growth of moss on the lawn. If this does happen be ready to use your Scarifier in the spring months ahead.

    Christopher Cooper, Product Marketing Manager at Hayter, commented: “Looking after your garden in winter can be tough, but our winter tips along with the use of our quality and reliable mowers, will ensure your lawn is thriving come spring time. Selected models in our Harrier range also come with a 5-year warranty.”


    About Hayter

    Hayter has been designing and producing premium quality lawn care products at its headquarters in Hertfordshire since 1946 – celebrating its 70th year in business in 2016.

    Hayter products are used by homeowners and professional contractors all over the UK. With a choice of electric and petrol products in a range of sizes, there’s a Hayter mower suitable for most gardens.

    Hayter are proud to be part of the Made in Britain campaign and to have continuously held the Royal Warrant for supply of horticultural equipment to Her Majesty the Queen since 1960.



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