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    Hayter encourages homeowners to take extra precautions this summer

    Posted by Hayter Press Room on 20 July 2018 11:37:01 BST

    SPELLBROOK, England (July 20, 2018) CONSUMER RELEASE - We’re experiencing one of the hottest summers in the UK in a long time and with temperatures soaring to 30 degrees with little or no rainfall, it’s evident that many areas in the country are drying out and need a little extra attention.

    Over the summer months your lawn in particular will endure a lot more activity. Not only will people choose to dine al fresco, but garden parties, playing football with the kids and heavy garden furniture all contribute to making your garden a bit worse for wear.

    Hayter is urging homeowners to tend to their lawn before it’s too late. Experts at Hayter have put together some top tips for a glowing garden this summer.

    • Feed your turf – the key to keeping your lawn looking tip top over the warmer months is keeping it watered. Of course, with the recent hot spell this is even more crucial. Irrigate everyday if possible, but don’t drown the grass. Use a sprinkler system if possible to ensure even distribution of water. But remember, if you’re living in a region currently under a hose pipe ban, you will have to hope for rain.


    • Tidy toys – with the summer holidays around the corner, there will no doubt be plenty of fun to be had in the garden. Making sure children’s play equipment is tidied away when not being played with can protect your turf in the long run. Where possible, place larger equipment such as trampolines and climbing frames in the garage when not being used. Encouraging children not to play football when the grass is wet can also help when it comes to combating muddy patches that can damage the turf.


    • Weather-appropriate plants – if you want to inject a little colour into your garden over the coming months, choosing plants to suit growing conditions is important, especially when experiencing extreme temperatures. Shrubs such as lavender, hebe and halimium are all perfect choices for warmer weather. Many of these drought-tolerant plants have silvery or grey-green leaves as their light colour reflects harsh sunlight.


    • Don’t over fertilise – it can be tempting to douse your lawn in ample fertilizer when it’s starting to look a little dry and patchy. However, using too much can do more harm than good. This may result in the grass becoming scorched and the roots may burn along with a changed PH in the soil.


    • Pesky pests – around this time of year you may notice a lot of insects such as green flies and black flies as they love the heat. To keep these pests away from your garden and plants, try spraying on a solution of diluted soap with water directly on to plants. Or, try planting basil to keep flies at bay.


    • Mower maintenance – whilst it is important to raise the height of cut on your mower in summer, it’s equally important to look after the mower itself. Sharpening the blades is important so you aren’t damaging the grass. Letting clippings fall back on to the grass is also advised. The latest Hayter Harrier™ 41 series of mowers have seven height-of-cut settings and can be used to cut and collect or rear discharge grass clippings.


    Christopher Cooper, Product Marketing Manager at Hayter commented: “We’re very lucky to be experiencing such great weather here in the UK; however, it can be easy to forget to give a little extra care and attention to your lawn. Not only can you be safe in the knowledge that our mowers are quality and get the job done correctly, but our mowers also come with a two-year commercial warranty too, giving you great peace of mind.”





    About Hayter

    Hayter has been designing and producing premium quality lawn care products at its headquarters in Hertfordshire since 1946 – celebrating its 70th year in business in 2016. Hayter products are used by homeowners and professional contractors all over the UK. With a choice of electric and petrol products in a range of sizes, there’s a Hayter mower suitable for most gardens.

    Hayter are proud to be part of the Made in Britain campaign and to have continuously held the Royal Warrant for supply of horticultural equipment to Her Majesty the Queen since 1960.



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